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Ok, I admit I went way too far about not writing anything here.It’s been busy, different etc etc but no matter what, I should have written, since I have this blog. Let me sum the last few months up: I started working at Publicis network, now I’m a Concept Artist at Publicis Modem. The online agency of Publicis network in Istanbul. This is the first time I’m working at a digital and a global agency. It’s a whole different world, and I love it so far.

Along with the office work I have, I made a stop motion project for a couple who got married in June. Everything was hand-drawn and it took me hell of a time to make it, but as every stop motion project, it was worth it! I love creating projects where I can be 100% free. It’s the 4th wedding project I took, the other three are for friends and family. I think I like it:)

So, I came across with this MTV project in adverblog-which is a great blog for following the world trends in advertising. Anyway the project is pretty much about what I wrote in my previous post yali’s question. I like the idea of using the term “give a shit” literally, ok perhaps I would have liked it more if the word and the image shit was less used, but still I like it. Here you go for the campaign.

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  1. Posted on October 4, 2011 by Kimberley Leightley

    Great post. Some great points you highlight in there.

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