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So, where was I?


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Ok, I already admitted that I’m not a blog person. And then again, why is there a “blog” section in this website? In fact, I sincerely enjoy writing and I thought this link would encourage me, what’s more, would be a huge pressure for me to put my thoughts together and write. By the way, I’m pretty sure that people who don’t have any¬† feelings for me -and by that I don’t refer to special feelings, my friends fall under the category of people who have some kind of emotions for me as well- would never bother to read what I write, and that’s fair. I’ve got things to say, but they are not gonna change anyone’s world.

My father used to tell me that people on earth can be divided into 3 categories. (well he read this from somewhere but I don’t know the original source, so to me this knowledge comes from my father) The first category is consisted of a very small group, perhaps 500 thousand people. These are the ones who do something significant to shape history, to change the world. The second category is consisted of more people, maybe 500million, I don’t know. These are are the ones who try to somehow follow and understand what the first category is doing. And the rest has no idea about any categories at all.

As for me, I’m just trying my best to fit in the second category.

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